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Lexi Gage is one of the best up and coming DJs in the music industry. At 22 she already has loads of tunes out in the public domain, starring along side some of the best disk jockeys in the world. Even recently Tiesto commented on her performance at Global Gathering saying ‘Watch out for that girl she has some real talent’. She’s gone from doing sets in small pubs and clubs to sets at some of the main festivals in the country including Glastonbury 2009. Here she tells Lauren Cole all about what she calls going from rags to riches in the dj-ing world.

Are you excited for the coming Global Gathering Festival?

I can’t wait; last years line up was amazing. I’m really looking forward to it. More and more DJs are improving, so as well as the likes of Lashes, Pin Up, Whitby there’ll be some great sets.

And how does it feel being one of the main headliners?

I’m excited but nervous at the same time. Last years line up was excellent, I feel like I have to be top notch to impress people. I’ve never been a main headliner at music festivals. I mean I am on little nights around and about the country, but never at a festival as big as Global well, as a headliner I mean. Although saying that I did Cream Fields in August as well.

Which other DJs are you looking forward to watching?

Erm… well Andy Whitby of course, he’s always been the best at what he does. And Lisa Lashes is really good as well. I dunno they’re all good to watch.

Who do you take inspiration from?

Again I would say Lisa Lashes or Lisa Pin Up. They started out like me hopefully I’ll be as good as them some day.

This year has been a busy one for you, with all your gigs and stuff.

(Laughing). Yeah it has been. I’ve been touring all over the country. I had Global Gathering in July but of course I wasn’t one of the headliners. I had Cream Fields in August. I do a lot of small nights, tonight I’m travelling to Newcastle to do a set at Vice which is a Hard House night. And soon I’m doing a Trance set at Gate Crasher and God’s Kitchen.

Yeah I’ve noticed most of your sets are Hard House. Is that because it’s your favourite or because that’s what the fans want?

Well Hard House is my all time favourite but I used to do a lot of Trance. I still love Trance but the fans prefer Hard House. Although Gate Crasher and God’s Kitchen are two really popular Trance nights, so I suppose the real fans like a bit of both.

Which is your favourite city to tour at?

Definitely Newcastle. The fans are excellent. I always get excited when I get asked to do sets at Newcastle. The nightlife is amazing! It’s got some of the best pubs and clubs in the country. I’m really looking forward to tonight now actually.

What is your favourite tune of all time?

That’s a tough one. Erm… well my favourite Hard House tune would have to be either Bits and Pieces by Artmeisa or What Ya Got For Me by Signum. My favourite Trance tune is Find Yourself by John O’Callaghan and Sarah Howells. There’s so many to choose from its hard!

And your favourite album?

Haven’t got a clue to be honest. They all have a lot of the same tunes on really. But I suppose an album with all of the classics on it is what you need.

What should the fans do to prepare for your gigs and festival?

Definitely, definitely buy a pair of earplugs! My ears ring for days after my gigs, I can’t even begin to imagine how loud it is on the dance floor next to the huge speakers! They must be practically deaf! (Laughs) And deodorant! It gets so hot in the clubs by the end of the night you’re always literally dripping with sweat. Its not pretty.

Do you ever get worried that the fans might not like the tunes you are playing?

No! The fans are always so supportive. Last time I did a gig I was quite nervous about playing but when I got up there it was brill. I don’t know what I was worried about! No but the fans are great, I always have loads of comments, on my Facebook and Blog and stuff like that, with fans telling me how much they like my sets and gigs. They kept asking me to do Global but I wasn’t sure I was good enough. But when I was eventually asked I thought well if the fans think I’m all right that’s good enough for me!

Have you ever had any embarrassing moments while you’ve been on?

Not majorly embarrassing, but I remember one time when I was doing a set and a man jumped up on to the DJ box and started trying to dance with me. It was a laugh but I probably went slightly red.

What about the best moments?

Every set is the best set. I always have such a good time. But if I had to choose I would say the best moment would have to be at the end of my set when I can see my fans have enjoyed themselves and they all start chanting ‘Lexi, Lexi’. It’s an amazing feeling: a euphoric feeling.

I love your new look. Out with the old, in with the new?

Yes, it’s a whole new me really. I was sick of my old look so I thought I would dye my hair from blonde to black. I’ve also had my tongue pierced (sticking her tongue out and revealing a silver tongue bar) It hurt! But yeah it is a new me. I’ve got a new look and went from ‘rags to riches’ in the dj-ing world. I feel like I’ve started all over again.

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