Monday, 14 December 2009

I finally added the hooks for stories to draw the audience in and make them want to buy the magazine. I used the same font as my title and main story title. I used both white and dark blue text. I decided to put the 'PLUS' in red writing as I think this automatically draws the attention of the reader.
For the title of my magazine I used the font Berlin Sans FB Demi. I had originally wanted to use Century Gothic but after seeing this font I thought it looked a lot better. I used two effects: Drop Shadow and Bevel and Emboss. This makes the title stand out against the background. I used the same font for the LEXI GAGE story tag, on this I used the Drop Shadow effect also. With this I put a smaller bit of text 'Exclusive interview only in DELERIUM' this gives an insight into the story. The font on this is ITC Franklin Gothic. At the top of the page i have out the issue number, the price and the date. I have also included FREE TRANSFUSION CD INSIDE which draws the reader in and makes them want to buy the magazine even more. The FREE is in dark blue which links with the colour of my other text.

Once I had decided on my background colour I copied and pasted my image onto the cover. I had originally planned on using blue as my background colour however I thought that it didn't really fit in with the colour scheme of my magazine so I changed to using black. The title DELERIUM has connotations of something euphoric and mysterious so this background works well with the title.

Monday, 7 December 2009

I looked at these magazine covers because I wanted my magazine to be similar to MixMag. The genre of music these magazines look at is similar to the genre of music my magazine DELERIUM is about.