Wednesday, 27 January 2010

This is a flat plan of my contents page which I decided against as I felt that the other idea looked more professional.

This is a flat plan of what my front cover was going to look like. It has the typical conventions of a front cover:

  1. - A main title
  2. - A main picture

This is what I had originally planned my article would look like. After trying out other ideas I decided on another more appropriate layout.
Two A4 Pages

This is my finished article. I had originally planned on having a two page spread, one page with the interview and the other with a picture however I decided that the story would be too short if I was to do this. I have used the same Myriad Pro font throughout the article as this is easy to read. I have used a funny quote from the article as the title. My text is justified which helps the article to look clean and professional. On the second page I have a box with some extra information about Lexi for the reader this is just something extra to keep the reader interested and it is a typical convention of magazines. I have two smaller pictures of Lexi at the bottom of the page which show her before and after her make-over this is also helping to keep the audience interested.

Monday, 18 January 2010

This is my finished contents page. After deciding on my hooks for stories I finally decided on which pictures to use.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Then I decided on catchy hooks for stories to draw the reader in. I used Roxwell Extra Bold font size 12. I justified the text on the left. I stayed within my colour scheme and made the text black. I had originally planned on having the text on the right and pictures on the left but I decided against this later on.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Then I added the headers and the title of the page. I have used the same font for the CONTENTS as I have for the text on the front cover. I added an editors note which describes some of the things which is included in this magazine. This is a typical convention of a music magazine.
First I decided on the layout and colour scheme. I have used black and blue, this links with the colours on my front cover. I have a white background so that the writing and colours will stand out against it. I have coloured boxes on the left for sub headings: Gig guide, Reviews and Features. This immediatly helps them to stand out. It draws the attention of the reader. I also have coloured boxes to place my images onto. I have a coloured bar across the top of the page to put the contents page header on.