Wednesday, 4 November 2009


This is the contents page of Q Magazine. It follows the typical conventions of contents pages. As usual the headings are bold and easy to understand. They are eye catching in order to make the reader intrigued. It has pictures with small captions about the story, again to make the reader want to read on. It uses typically about 3 fonts and the colour scheme is red, black and white which is generally the colours used on the cover of Q Magazine. The figures in the pictures are icons in the music industry. They are role models to any male who reads the magazine becasue they are stereotypically 'cool', this means most men aspire to be like them. One of the main headings 'Oasis Special' is used to draw the audience in. Oasis is a well known and liked band, this gets the attention of any Oasis fans, they will want to read the story about them. The text on the left hand side is justified which is also a typical convention of a magazine.

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