Monday, 19 October 2009

This is Q Music Magazine. It follows the typical conventions of a music magazine. It is a well known magazine so the title is behind the model. It typically has a bar code, date, and a price. The model on the cover is Madonna who is a well known icon in the music industry. The medium close-up is slightly to the right which is unusual for a music magazine because they are usually centred. Marjorie Ferguson identified four types of facial expression in the cover photos of British women's magazines. I would place Madonna in the invitational category because she has emphasis on the eyes, with only a hint of a smile. This also links with Naomi Wolf's theory that erotic images of women are used to sell magazines to women because they aspire to be as glamorous as the model on the cover. Although it is a woman used on the cover this magazine has connotations of a male magazine due to the colours. The text on the left and right is justified. The big title which shows the main article in the magazine however is centred. The colour scheme is red and white which fits with the colour of the magazines logo. This magazine has three kinds of font. The hooks for stories are used to engage people in order to make them buy it. For example if you don't like Madonna there are other people in the magazine such as Adele, Duffy, Russel Brand and Little Britain etc. The target audience for this magazine I think is 16-30 because it is too complex for a younger person but it also modern.

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